Joe Paschal

For Virginia House 61

From Southside, For Southside.

Vision, Issues, & Values

My vision is to restore the liberties that our founding fathers envisioned. The 61st house district is in Virginia’s historic 5 congressional districts. James Madison was the first Congressman from the 5th district and Thomas Jefferson as well as Patrick Henry lived and died in the district.

The 61st district has been a hub for the tobacco industry for over 2 centuries and was a hub for the textile industry for over a century. Now it’s a hub for the data center industry.

The people of Southside have persevered for centuries thru the American Revolution, war of 1812, the civil war and have sent their children to fight in every war the U.S. has ever fought. Patriotism and self-reliance are a key part of the people’s lives in Southside.

We don’t need Richmond and northern Virginia to decide what is best for Southside Virginia. Joe was raised in Southside and was raised working hard and helping his neighbors.

The 2nd Amendment

Joe’s commitment to protecting your second amendment is unwavering. He stood with his fellow Virginians in Richmond on January 20th, 2020 to protest the proposed tyrannical gun control laws that democrats were attempting to enact.

Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined…. The great object is that every man be armed. Everyone who is able might have a gun.”
~Patrick Henry ~

Election Reform

The winner take all election system we have in Virginia is outdated and archaic. Virginia needs election reform. I propose the following:

  • Virginia has 13 electoral college votes
  • Virginia also has 11 congressional districts
  • each congressional district gets 1 electoral vote based on how that district votes
  • The remaining 2 votes go to the candidate that received the popular vote
Elimination Of Personal Property Taxes

The Commonwealth’s practice of taxing automobiles, boats, and aircraft for private use is nothing more than theft. I propose eliminating these taxes by using the legalization of cannabis and hemp the tax revenue created from cannabis and hemp businesses will more than recover the lost revenue from those personal property taxes. I would also like to put more tax exemptions in place for real property. Taxing a person to the point that they have to sell their property is the very definition of tyranny.

Expansion Of Rural Broadband

The pandemic has shown the people of Southside Virginia that our accessibility to high-speed internet is substandard. We need to work with internet service providers to bring the services to the rural areas. During the pandemic, children suffered because the schools were closed and most didn’t have access to the internet to properly attend virtually.

The Leadership Virginia Needs Right Now

About Joe

Joe Paschal was raised in Mecklenburg County, his father owned a body shop and his mother was a security guard. He spent his youth working in the family body shop learning real-world skills. He started working construction at 18 and has been doing it ever since now 30+ years. He worked his way up from apprentice to construction manager and has worked in over 40 states and 6 countries. He is married to the love of his life, Tinisha, whom he met while working in New Orleans between them they have 5 children ranging in age from 27 to 16. They homeschooled their children and brought them while traveling in construction.

Joe has real-world knowledge and skills and being in construction he has met people from every walk of life. He cares deeply about the Commonwealth and is worried about the future of its youth as governments make doing business harder and harder. His goal in Richmond is simple; get the government out of our lives and keep them out of our pockets.

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News & Updates 

Civil rights restored for 69,000 Virginians

Civil rights restored for 69,000 Virginians

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What is Energy Choice?

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